Brownsville, PA
Medical Hospital
Cleveland, OH
Wilson Middle school
Cleveland, OH
Warner & Swasey Observatory
Built: 1920

Youngstown, OH
Manufacture complex
Perrysburg, NY
Sanitarium complex
Pittsburgh, PA
Saint Peter & Paul Church
Clairton, PA
Neighborhood street
Dansville, NY
Jackson Sanatorium
Cleveland, OH
National ACME
McKeesport, PA
Baptist Church
Girard, PA
Elk Park Rd. House
McKeesport, PA
Victorian House
Ashtabula, OH
Old Train Station
Erie, PA
Wattsburg Rd. House
Built: 1900
Ashtabula, OH
Station Ave House
Ashtabula, OH
West Ave. House
Youngstown, OH
WW1 Manufacturer
Bethlehem, PA
Bethlehem Steel Mill
Erie, PA
Watson Paper Company
Youngstown, OH
Republic Rubber Co.
Fairview, PA
Dixie Truck Stop
Millcreek, PA
Peninsula Motel
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Exploring our history through photography

My name is Krystie Pytlarz and I specialize in urbanex (urban exploration) photography. I have dedicated my time and research into traveling America's past and capturing a glimpse of a by-gone era.   More...

Krystie Pytlarz
My flower always takes you back here!
KPphotography - Fairview, PA - 2015
Farnham, OH
Public School
Erie/Erie County, PA
Misc. Early Portraits
Additional structures that have been explored. But no portraits were derived from them due to weather, lack of light or other circumstances.
Elgin, PA
Corry Drive-In
The 2015 PACA Exhibit
Staten Island, NY
New York Farm Colony
King's Park, NY
King's Park Hospital
Cleveland, OH
Cleveland Aquarium
Built: 1954
The 2016 PACA Exhibit