Exploring our history through photography

My name is Krystie Pytlarz and I specialize in urbanex (urban exploration) photography. I have dedicated my time and research into traveling America's past and capturing a glimpse of a by-gone era.

My work has grown to 30+ locations spanning 3 states. It requires a lot of time, dedication and research. Finding suitable locations within a reasonably close driving distance and organizing my crew for a specific date are just the beginning. Additional research to find out if the building is still standing or if it is no longer available due to renovation or demolition before wasting a distant trip is another concern. For this reason I always have a secondary structure somewhere in the surrounding area as a back up.

This exhaustive research cuts into my prepping and editing time of my photography but the end result is worth it.

As you explore my website you will notice each location has a "main gallery" showcasing all my extensive work. Most locations also have "Behind the Scenes" and/or "Full Documentary" links. The "Behind the Scenes" shows additional pictures highlighting how and where my photographs were created. The "Full Documentary" shows the full exploration of the location and my crew which includes pictures and/or videos; together they form a complete picture. I hope you enjoy my world.

KP photography - Fairview, PA - 2015